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How to Capture Your Moment under Alaska's Northern Lights

The only thing better than carrying a memory of the northern lights home with you is capturing them in a photo, too – so we... read more

Best Road Trips in Canada

1. For Mountain Views & Ocean Dips Nothing says "epic Canadian scenery" like driving around our country's unforgettable west coast. Between Calgary or Edmonton and... read more

A Cinematic Tour of Turkey

With its cinematic backdrops and calls to prayer echoing across the city, Istanbul continues to capture the imaginations of filmmakers and moviegoers alike, but it... read more

Sailing Greece: The Ultimate Island Hopping Experience

Sailing is a whole new world of travel; suddenly, the travel time on a trip that was once an inconvenience becomes a highlight. In between... read more

6 North American Small Towns for a Perfect Summer Road Trip

Kelowna and the Okanagan Corridor, British Columbia Thanks to perfect soil and climate conditions that make it possible to grow a wide range of grape... read more

10 Once-in-a-Lifetime Adventures You Can Have in Alaska

In fact, there are so many possibilities here, it can be hard to choose! The solution? Read through this list of only-in-Alaska thrills, pick one... read more

NEW! Seasonal flights to New Zealand

Go on an epic adventure to New Zealand with Air Canada's new seasonal, non-stop flights starting this December. Discover dynamic Māori culture, see stunning island... read more

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Not travelling now could be the biggest regret of your life. Here’s why...

You see, finding a reason not to do something is so much easier than finding reason to do it. Call it the human race’s natural... read more

A trip to Europe will change you forever. Here's why...

Yet for us, there's always something about Europe. Call us old school, but that winning formula of bedazzling Mediterranean coastlines, vintage Hollywood glamour meets hipster... read more