Bucket List Trips

August 24, 2023
The biggest trend and change from pre-COVID travel bookings is the urgency to go on big, bucket list trips and get our “must have” trips under our belts

Travel Saving Tips!

July 27, 2023
The best ways to save for your next trip and on your next trip

Travel Well – 2023 Packing Tips

April 04, 2023
Make the most of your luggage space on your next getaway.

6 Tips on Choosing The Right Travel Insurance

February 27, 2023
One-size-fits-all doesn’t apply to luggage – or your travel insurance. Choosing the coverage that best matches your needs can help ensure you have a trip where your biggest worry is which level of sunscreen to use.

Extraordinary Experiences With Exoticca

February 14, 2023
Exoticca creates ‘all inclusive’ travel packages at amazing prices so as many people as possible can enrich their lives with extraordinary experiences.

Delta To Offer Free WiFi On Most Domestic Flights Beginning February 1

January 09, 2023
The service will expand to international flights in 2024.

U.S. extends COVID-19 vaccination requirement for non-U.S. travellers entering by air

January 09, 2023
Proof of vaccination still required for non-U.S. air travellers entering the U.S.

Express Security services at various airports in Canada

November 14, 2022
Travelling can be stressful. Some of Canada’s top airports have heard travelers’ pleas and are working to expedite the process of getting through security. Here’s what you need to know to have a better experience at the airport:

Little ways to make a Business Trip more like a vacation.

October 26, 2022
Traveling for work sounds enviable, but it’s often more about conference rooms and airports (and the overpriced food that goes along with them), than anything resembling a vacation.

The Grand Canyon: South, North, and West Rims

March 08, 2022
The Grand Canyon is divided into three unique areas that each offer a distinct and unique experience and vantage point.

Explore Arizona's Wine Regions

March 08, 2022
Will travel for wine? Arizona boasts more than 120 wineries and tasting rooms across the state.

Arizona: Unique Dining Experiences

March 08, 2022
Variety is the spice of Arizona’s most unforgettable culinary destinations.

Tips and Tricks to enjoy the Great Outdoors in Arizona

March 07, 2022
Get tips and tricks on how to experience Arizona's great outdoors. From preparation and planning to Leave No Trace Principles, keep the outdoors pristine for years to come.

Air Canada Expands its Summer 2022 International Schedule and North American Network

February 22, 2022
Air Canada restores services to popular European destinations, including Barcelona, Budapest, Copenhagen, Madrid, Milan, and Venice

Canada to ease Travel Requirements as part of transition of the Pandemic Response

February 15, 2022
Canada will ease entry for fully vaccinated international travelers starting on Feb. 28

Register for your Mandatory Arrival Test Before you Travel

January 05, 2022
The Government of Canada has introduced mandatory arrival COVID-19 testing for all travellers who have been in any country (other than the United States) in the 14 days prior to entry to Canada.

The Best Airport Hotels Across Canada

January 05, 2022
Whether you’re looking for a stress‑free pre‑departure or need a place to land on a long layover, airport hotels are convenient, comfortable and, though we may be a little biased, offer some of the coolest views around. Check out our picks.