What You May Not Know About Canada’s Great North

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What You May Not Know About Canada’s Great North

Check out these 11 rarely known facts about the vast lands to our North.

Canada stretches over nearly 10 Million square kilometers (9,984,670 km2) making it the fourth largest country (by land mass) in the world. Most of our great nation’s residents reside close to the US border, so it comes as no surprise that many Canadians know very little about the territories up north. Have you travelled to the Yukon, North West Territories or Nunavut? These fun facts may just entice you to book a trip.

Yukon Facts:

  1. The coldest temperature ever recorded in Canada was -63C (-81.4F) on February 3, 1957 in Snag, Yukon.
  2. The largest non-polar ice field in the world can be found in the St. Elias Mountains, Yukon Territory. It covers an area of 40 570 square kilometers of which 16,900 square kilometers are located in Canada, the remainder being in Alaska.
  3. Tools that date back 20,000 years are the first evidence of history in Canada. They were found in caves on the Bluefish River in northern Yukon.

Northwest Territories Facts:

  1. The Northwest Territories is called The Land Of The Midnight Sun because the sun barely sets around the summer solstice.
  2. There are diamond mines in the Northwest Territories.
  3. Two of the largest lakes in the world are found in the Northwest Territories – Great Bear Lake and Great Slave Lake.

Nunavut Facts:

  1. The Nunavut Territory is the northernmost permanent settlement in the world.
  2. Nunavut takes up one fifth of Canada’s total land area.
  3. Fifty percent of the world’s polar bears live in Nunavut.
  4. The license plate for cars, motorbikes and snowmobiles in Nunavut is in the shape of a polar bear.

Ready to book a vacation to discover our Great North? Tourism to these parts is booming and due to demand areas that were once nearly inaccessible are now fairly easy to visit. Give us a call and our travel experts would be happy to assist you.

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