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Our Top 3 Canadian Winter Experiences

When winter falls many of us look to plan an escape to somewhere sunnier but we have some incredible winter experiences right here on our... read more

Your guide to: Canada

From coast to coast, from mountains to Mounties, Canada truly captivates. The world’s second largest country checks off most must-sees from your travel bucket list.... read more

Video: Get a Bird's-Eye View of One of the Natural Wonders of the World

Something amazing happens when the highest tides in the world arrive in Saint John, New Brunswick. Twice a day, tides in Canada's Bay of Fundy rise... read more

Important Enhancements to Air Canada Corporate Rewards

Air Canada is very excited to share with you that they recently announced enhancements to the Air Canada Corporate Rewards Program. Effective immediately, the program... read more

A New Reason To Visit Newfoundland - Mistaken Point Recently Designated An UNESCO World Heritage Site

Up to 580 million years after their seafloor habitat was abruptly buried in volcanic ash, some of our earliest and weirdest ancestors are finally getting... read more

What You May Not Know About Canada’s Great North

Canada stretches over nearly 10 Million square kilometers (9,984,670 km2) making it the fourth largest country (by land mass) in the world. Most of our... read more

12 Just Plain Weird, Unusual or Interesting Canadian Facts

Canada is known for a number of things, but some of these strange facts are not so well known. Canada has the world’s smallest jail... read more

All About Canada: How Well Do You Know Our Great Nation?

Do you know all 40 of these Canadian facts? Ask some friends and see how their Canadian knowledge compares to yours. Have some fun and... read more

4 Must-Try Halifax Coffee Shops

While in Halifax, you may find yourself craving a quick bite or a caffeinated beverage. Nova Scotia’s capital is no stranger to great coffee shops,... read more

6 Things You May Not Know About Halifax

Check out these 6 facts you may not know about Halifax. The Old Town Clock, a famous landmark, has been keeping time since 1803. ​... read more