Why Travel Makes the Perfect Holiday Gift

December 18, 2018

The holidays aren’t about giving or getting ‘stuff.’ They are about spending time with loved ones, and we can do that all year-round by planning vacations. This year, instead of purchasing the typical bracelet, sweater or television, many people are looking for travel ideas where experience will override tangible items.

From celebrating milestones, like anniversaries or birthdays, to simply escaping from the stresses of daily life, there are so many reasons to get away. 

Travel rejuvenates
It’s good for the body and the spirit, and it transports you not just physically, but mentally to a place of calmness. It’s a great way to escape and heal whatever burdens you. What could be more tranquil than cruising the open seas in a luxurious setting?

Travel is adventurous
It’s about discovering new places, sights, sounds, and tastes, and gaining a new perspective. Exploring a new destination can be exhilarating, and the thrill starts from the time you arrive. Today’s travel is about immersive experiences that can’t be replicated because they are unique to your journey. 

Travel is educational
It opens your eyes and ears to experience something unfamiliar. You are exposed to nature and wonderment that reaches far beyond the limits of a textbook. Travelers can bring the grandkids along and marvel at the sights with them, while also giving them with the unique opportunity to learn and appreciate other cultures. 

It makes you the envy of all your friends and neighbors
With hundreds of destinations to choose from, the list of places to discover is virtually endless. From iconic cities to remote shores, the photos to be shared on Instagram and Facebook will be more than “post-worthy,” having everyone talking about your latest adventure. 

Shared memories are irreplaceable
Spending time with loved ones and friends is priceless and can deepen the bond of lifelong relationships, whether it’s a couple, parents and children, or grandparents and grandchildren. Shared experiences lead to shared memories. Being able to connect with one another is an opportunity that doesn’t come along often, and travel fosters that connection. 

New friendships will be made
Sometimes the best part of travel is the people we meet along the way. They enhance our journey in simple ways that reach beyond the itinerary by offering their perspectives, smiles and laughter. Forging new friendships is an added bonus of traveling.

Disconnecting has its advantages
Travel allows us to unplug from work and the stresses that surround us. It affords us the time to sit back, relax and take in the view. And, when you’re ready to post that next photo of the breathtaking glaciers you just witnessed, the choice to reconnect is yours. 

Booking travel is easier than you think
The thought of it might be overwhelming, but that’s what you have a travel advisor for. Share your dreams, likes and dislikes with them and let them qualify you or your loved ones for the vacation of a lifetime. 

Travel truly is the gift that keeps on giving!

Content courtesy of Travel Market Report