Where to find the best Italian food in Glasgow

February 13, 2014

Glasgow is the largest city in Scotland, United Kingdom. It is as beautiful and classy as the Scottish people and for this; the city attracts the cream of the gourmet chefs. Perhaps this is why the Glasgow eateries year in year out outrank their England counterparts in gastronomy. Below are some of the best Italian restaurants in Glasgow.

1. Sapori D'Italia

This is a little corner house restaurant that will awe you by the taste of its Italian dishes as well as its affordability. With a small budget of $10, you will have a meal to your fill. From spaghettis, pizzas to lasagnas and risotto, you can have it all in this restaurant. It is located at Cathcart Road.

2. Celino's Italian Delicatessen Cafe Bar Restaurant

This cafe was the winner of Winners of Scotland’s Best Independent Cafe Award 2012. It serves the best of Italian food with options of making reservations, delivery, lunch spot, afterhours, and dessert. The restaurant is family run and will certainly be worth spending your money in.

3. Mini Bar Glasgow

Located on Bath Street in Glasgow, this is the restaurant to take your hot date out for dinner. It serves a variety of continental dishes but the Italian cuisines top the restaurant's menu. If you want to impress her on your first date out, take her to Mini Bar Glasgow. It is not overly ostentatious, yet it has class.

4. Bella Vita

This restaurant specializes in Italian pasta dishes such as lasagna, pizza and spaghetti. The warm and cozy atmosphere in the restaurant will complement the authentic Italian wines and cuisine. Trust me; this restaurant is a nice 'eat-out'.

5. Roma Mia

This restaurant is popular for its Italian vegetarian dishes. From soups, pasta, salads, breads and risotto dishes, the restaurant prepares meat free dishes that will whet your appetite for vegetarian cuisines even before you eat it. The restaurant is ideal for family eat-outs, romantic dinners, business lunches, special occasion dining, and entertaining clients.

When in Glasgow, be like the Scots - classy, fine diners with table manners characteristic of a king's court.