Trips You Should Take With Your Father

June 07, 2019

Hit the Open Road

A road trip is a great way to spend some quality one-on-one time with your dad. Whether you're driving or riding shotgun, you'll likely end up having some of the best chats on the open road. You could pick somewhere closer to home for a weekend getaway, or for a once in a lifetime trip opt for a classic adventure like Route 66.


Get Back to His Roots

Visiting your dad's hometown and hearing stories about the place he grew up will be a memorable bonding experience for both of you. Bonus points if you can combine it with a road trip! You'll be sure to come away with plenty of new stories from his childhood and a newfound appreciation for your roots.


Golf Getaway

If your dad's a golf fan treat him to a trip dedicated to spending time on the green. He may even teach you a thing or two. Like with a road trip, you could find a nearby golf spot for a weekend trip, or plan a bigger trip to somewhere famous for golf, such as Ireland or Palm Springs for a bucket list trip.


Share a Toast

Whether your dad is into bourbons or beers, taking a trip to a place with distilleries, breweries or wineries is sure to lead to some great memories (and stories). Does your dad have a favourite whiskey? A penchant for French wines? Imagine how exciting a trip to where his favourite tipple is made. Favourite child status: guaranteed.