Is a World Cruise Right for You?

March 01, 2018

Cruising is a unique way to travel, full of age-old traditions. One of those traditions is the World Cruise, dating back to the Golden Age of steam ships, when stylish people on both sides of the Atlantic were beginning to change how they explored the world.

The first World Cruise sailed almost a century ago, starting and ending in New York. There are still traditional 'World cruises' that fully circumnavigate the globe, starting from Southampton (London), Los Angeles or Florida, cruising around the world, and making a triumphant return a few months later with a lifetime of memories.  But not every world cruise circles the planet. Some start and end in different countries, visiting a number of continents along the way.

World Cruises often have extended stays in some of the best ports of call: staying overnight or spending extended periods off-ship and travelling by land so you really feel you have an in-depth travel experience.

You may imagine that your fellow guests will be quite senior , and it’s true that they are the likeliest travelers to have the time and money to commit to the most epic of cruise itineraries.  But nowadays cruise lines are changing to appeal to new generations – and multi-generations – of travelers, and some world cruises may have families with children taking a term off school to explore the world, or younger couples on sabbatical breaks.

So… is a world cruise right for you? 

Ask yourself these questions:

1. Do you have 3 months or more to spare? 90 days is an entry-level commitment to a World Cruise with some cruises that are 180 days or more, especially those that fully circle the world.

2. Are you looking for a way to visit destinations in far-flung corners of the world and see a lot in a relatively short length of time?

3. Do you love days at sea? Between ports of call, ships can spend days travelling across the ocean. If you love that there's a port every day on a Mediterranean or Caribbean cruise, a world cruise would be a big change of pace.

4. Does life on-board appeal to you? When you do a world cruise the ship will become your home more than a vacation destination. You will probably take it easy on the buffet after some time at sea and start spending more time strolling the deck, relaxing in the lounges and exercising in the fitness centre.

If you answered 'yes' to these questions, then a world cruise might be for you. 

And if you answered 'no'?

If you don't have the time or desire to spend 3 months or more at sea, there is another option. Many cruise lines allow you to book segments of a world cruise, without booking the full voyage. This can be a great way to explore a specific region of the world with the unique ports of a World Cruise, without the commitment. 

If you do decide to do a World Cruise, an important factor to consider is what cruise line to choose. Considering you'll be spending months calling this ship home, choosing the right cruise line for you can make all the difference. Our travel advisors can help you to find the right World Cruise and itinerary for your preferred travel style, whether you're looking for a full circumnavigation or a single segment.